Louisa County Ag Fair
Mark you calendars now!!!
July 28 - July 29 2017
Message from the President
Dear Citizens and Friends of Louisa County,
I'm excited once more to welcome you to the Louisa County Agricultural Fair. On behalf of the fair board members, committee members and volunteers I would like to invite you to the 2016 Fair. Please join us as we celebrate our agricultural roots in Louisa County and learn how our agricultural community has evolved.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about events and activities that will be at this year's fair, but before I do I want to thank all of the fair board members, volunteers, committee members and sponsors that make the fair a success year after year. We truly could not do it without you all and we appreciated your continued support. I am blessed to work with a talented group of hardworking individuals who dedicate countless hours to the fair. Each volunteer brings a unique perspective and skill set that combine to create amazing idea and activities for the fair. At this point our sponsors help us to make these ideas a reality for all to enjoy. Without the support of each and every one of you, the fair would not be able to continue and I sincerely thank you all for your support and dedication.

This year we have once again tried to incorporate new events into the fair, while continuing traditions that bring both kids and adults back to the fair this year. As you wonder the fairgrounds this year, your will notice a slightly modified layout. The FFA chuckwagon has relocated. The livestock barn has new concrete floors to help the pigs stay cool in the heat of the fair since they can't sweat. The games tent will remain to the right of the stage, but don't forget to check out the activities on the ball field, such as the petting zoo, Louisa CART, and hopefully a Native American dancing demonstration. We have continued to team up with Louisa Farm Bureau Women's Committee to make sure this year's Welcome Center is the best yet. Be sure to stop in on arrival and pick up a complete fair schedule, participate in the Farm Bureau activities, and buy your fair t-shirt. Our awesome fair logo this year was designed by LCHS's very own Alexis Culley!

To promote this year's fair theme, we will have activities that pertain to genealogy in combination with Louisa County Historical Society. We will also have an educational booth located near the fair entrance featuring talks on beekeeping.

Yours Truly,
Melinda McCall
President, Louisa County Fair, Inc.
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Louisa County Agricultural Fair recently received $500 from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative's (REC) Operational Round Up (ORU) program for books to be used during our story hour.  Operation Round Up receives its funding from REC members who volunteer to have their electric bill "rounded-up" to the next highest whole dollar.  If REC provides your power, we would ask that you consider joining the ORU program to help others in need.  Once enrolled, the extra change from your electric bill will be dedicated to charitable causes.  Members can sign up by visiting the REC website ( or by calling 800-552-3904 for more information.  The average member contribution is approximately $6.00 per year and is tax deductible.  An annual statement of your charitable contribution will be mailed to you.
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